Traumatic Alopecia


Traumatic Alopecia, a form of which is Traction Alopecia, can be a diffuse hair loss, patchy hair loss or localised to a certain area.


Traumatic Alopecia is usually caused by an outside influence such as poor haircare, use of excessive heat,  inappropriate use of chemicals that colour, relax or perm the hair, traction from excessive pulling to the hair shaft due to hairstyle, incorrectly added hair systems or disorders such as Trichotillomania.  This can lead to folliculitis, hair loss and in severe cases scarring and permanent hair loss.


The first step in any hair loss condition is an accurate diagnosis, from here a plan can be formed in order to achieve an outcome that you are comfortable with. There are many treatments that can be used to help the hair and scalp recover, it is important to act as quickly as possible and endeavour to remove the outside influence where possible. Best results are achieved from an early diagnosis and treatment plan. Cases of Trichotillamania may involve counselling services as well as a treatment plan.

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