There are many products on the market that claim to deal with Hair Loss and some can be proven to get results whilst others have the usual marketing hype. The reality is that unless you know what the issue is with your hair or scalp that it is unlikely you will be able to address it correctly and you may actually exacerbate it, there is no substitute for a correct diagnosis and a consultation with Eva Proudman FIT IAT who will inform you of the condition you are suffering and recommend the correct way to address it.

Eva works with many of the latest products in order to help clients with differing conditions that lead to their Hair Loss these include:

When to see a Trichologist

Specialist Shampoos and Conditioners

There is a vast selection of Shampoos and Conditioners on the market, some varying from a few pence to others at extortionate prices, there is a difference, although paying a high price does not necessarily mean a great product. Eva can advise on a range of Trichologist approved products that have proven benefits. The products recommended will depend on the diagnosis and your type of hair and the intended outcome, these products are not excessively priced and do represent good value for money.

Topical Applications

Some conditions may require a topical application in order to slow down the effects of your hair loss, this will usually be a twice daily application and is often needed to be used indefinitely to prevent the hair loss recurring. The product recommended will depend on the diagnosis and the intended outcome.


Some common conditions can be resolved with a change in diet or dietary supplements, this will be confirmed with a diagnosis that includes a blood test from your GP. Eva has developed her own supplement (Tricoextra) that is clinically proven and is easy to take at just 2 capsules each day, it is quickly and easily absorbed, provides the essential vitamins and minerals required by the hair is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Treatments UK Hair Consultants

Eva’s Clinics

Eva holds a number of Trichological clinics across the UK visiting each for 1 – 3 days per month offering consultations on all aspects of hair and scalp issues.

Eva is opening further clinics across the UK, please use the Contact us form to request more information and to find out where your nearest clinic is.