About Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Eva Proudman MIT IAT

Eva qualified as a Trichologist with the prestigious Institute of Trichologists, having graduated with credit and being awarded the John Firmage award for her consistent dedication to her studies.

Eva is a highly sought after Hair Specialist and with over 18 years experience working in her field, her knowledge about hair is unquestionable. She diagnoses the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning, diseases of the scalp and offers both industry professional and consumers, specialist advice on the most appropriate solutions.

Eva is recognised across the UK as the industry’s most-wanted hair-guru and is regularly approached to assist the media and large corporations with research and development. Eva’s work is varied and, regardless of whether she is working in R&D, with her local clients who are faced with hair and scalp issues or if she is offering specialist advice to media, she is completely dedicated to educating and advising on every aspect of trichology.

In 2018, Eva was appointed as a Director to the Institute of Trichologists with the responsibility of continued professional development and education in order to ensure that all members of the Institute of Trichologists have access to the latest clinical information, diagnostic tools and the latest treatments available. In 2020, Eva then took over as Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, and her work has bought them on leaps and bounds. 

Eva delivers the only recognised training course in the UK for those who want to provide hair loss services via their hairdressing business. Through a variety of academic facts, strong case studies and by sharing her own experiences, Eva helps professionals to introduce a successful hair loss clinic into their business and ensure that any potential clients will receive the best possible advice and service.

Eva’s Associations

Eva is a member of a variety of world leading Trichology associations.