Eva’s Clinics

Eva Proudman FIT IAT offers a network of private trichology services in various locations around the UK. Eva is most often found at her flagship clinic, based in specially converted consulting rooms at her home in rural Warwickshire. However, she also regularly consults from 6 other clinics which improves her accessibility to patients across the UK. Any clinics which invite Eva to join their team as a visiting consultant are carefully vetted to ensure that they are committed to offering the best hair loss service, in line with Eva’s ethical approach to trichology services. At all of these clinics, your initial consultation will be with Eva personally. She will oversee any ongoing treatments that may be carried out in these clinics, by clinicians she personally recommends.

Eva holds Private Clinics in the following locations:

Eva sees her clients at a number of clinics across the UK (ranging from her home-based consulting rooms to London’s prestigious Harley Street). As such, fees vary according to the venue – please call a member of Eva’s team on 01788 819325 who will be happy to talk you through the pricing structure and to discuss which clinic will be most appropriate and convenient for you.