Eva Proudman FIT IAT

Eva qualified as a trichologist with the Institute of Trichologists, having graduated with credit and being awarded the John Firmage award for outstanding commitment to her studies – going on to establish the highly successful UK Hair Consultant company and a portfolio of products, including the award winning Tricoextra brand.

Today, Eva is a highly sought after hair and scalp specialist and, with over two decades experience working in her field, her knowledge about hair is second to none. Eva diagnoses the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning, diseases of the scalp and offers specialist advice on the most appropriate solutions and treatment pathways.

Eva Proudman MIT IAT
Eva’s work is varied – and hugely respected. Regardless of whether she is working in R&D; successfully and sensitively treating her personal clients as they face the anxiety around hair and scalp issues or offering specialist advice to media, Eva is dedicated to educating and advising on every aspect of trichology. In 2018, Eva was appointed as a Director to the Institute of Trichologists, taking over as its Chair two years later. At the end of her tenure, Eva was awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Trichologists for her outstanding work in promoting the benefits of trichology to a global audience. Eva now proudly uses the initials FIT after her name…alongside her associations with the International Association of Trichologists (IAT) and the World Trichology Society (WTS). Eva works as a highly acclaimed mentor and trainer to hairdressers, helping professionals across the industry to better understand hair and scalp issues, whilst enabling them to advise their customers with confidence, knowing when to refer to expert trichologists. Eva also offers an additional mentoring service in her clinic that is available to those wishing to build up further clinical experience. On a corporate level, Eva works with globally recognised brand leaders to help further their products, using a clinical and research-backed methodology. Her depth of expertise and knowledge is also regularly called upon as an ‘Expert Witness’ – representing both the prosecution and defence in cases where individuals have experienced harm or damage to their hair and scalp – as well as in situations where haircare professionals have been implicated in allegations of causing harm or damage. With decades of experience within the industry, a reputation for fairness and an unrivalled attention to detail, Eva is often the first port of call in such sensitive circumstances.

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Eva’s Associations

Eva is a member of a variety of world leading Trichology associations.

Eva Proudman Certified Trichologist
Eva Proudman Institute of Trichologists
Eva Proudman Certified Trichologist