Diet and Lifestyle

Healthy hair comes principally from looking after your diet and lifestyle, as well as great haircare. As Eva always says, healthy hair starts from within.

UK Hair Consultants Diet


Our diet really reflects in the health of both our hair and scalp. If you are going to change your diet to exclude food groups, take up fasting, or are trying to lose weight then remember that the hair will react to these changes very quickly.

Eating enough protein daily is vital, we cannot overstate its importance in maintaining the health and vitality of our hair, as well as helping to promote growth. If we don’t have enough protein in our diet, it shows in our hair first. Trying to incorporate lean protein into each of your meals is key. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, consider supplementation as well as seeking sources of protein in beans, legumes, nuts and quinoa.

Low stored vitamin and mineral levels are also often an underlying cause of hair loss, which a qualified trichologist will be able to identify through specific blood test investigations. Tricoextra is a great supplement to help to treat low levels of vital vitamins, particularly B, C, D and E. Triocextra, developed by Eva Proudman, helps to provide all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for a normal healthy hair growing and shedding cycle and will give a real boost to your hair and scalp health.

Keep your hair healthy during this winter spell


Your lifestyle plays a major factor in your hair health, with many hair conditions being exacerbated by stress in particular.

A sudden trauma or periods where your stress levels are high, can be a trigger or worsen a hair condition. As stress increases inflammation in the body, conditions that can become apparent or worsen include Seborrheic Dermatitis, Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata.

Stress may also lead to changes in diet, as many people skip meals or opt for easy comfort food that can lead to a depletion in stored vitamin and mineral levels which trigger hair loss.

Other lifestyle factors to maintain healthy hair include keeping hydrated, sleeping well and exercising to give the hair the nutrition and lifestyle it needs to grow and be healthy!

As trichologists, we are trained in providing a holistic approach that involves a range of therapies and lifestyle modifications, specialist supplementation (once any dietary deficiencies have been identified) and topical treatments and innovative treatments such as laser therapy.

Eva’s Clinics

Eva holds a number of Trichological clinics across the UK visiting each for 1 – 3 days per month offering consultations on all aspects of hair and scalp issues.

Eva is opening further clinics across the UK, please use the Contact us form to request more information and to find out where your nearest clinic is.