TV’s The Hair Loss Clinic

TV’s The Hair Loss Clinic

“I was so thrilled and excited when, out of the blue, I was approached by a TV production company with the remit of promoting trichology and demonstrating that hair loss can be treated and in so many cases, real improvement can be made to quality of life and self-esteem.

“Over the course of 8 months of filming, I was so privileged to have been invited to share an insight into my patients, my clinical work, treatments and the results achieved through such a groundbreaking and brave show, highlighting the role of the trichologist. It was also a unique opportunity to reach out to the many thousands of people suffering with hair loss to let them know that there are professionals who can and will help them.

“I agreed to be a part of this series out of my passion to raise the awareness of trichology and to share with as many people as possible that hair loss and scalp problems can be successfully treated when you see a dedicated, professional trichologist.

“The series was the first time that a trichologist had opened their doors to share their expertise so openly, discussing the range of treatment options available when dealing with hair and scalp problems, as we followed the individual journeys of 18 hair loss patients – and I was hugely proud to be involved”.

Eva xx

The Hair Loss Clinic TV series is 6-part documentary and is available to stream on Discovery+ and Amazon Prime

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TV’s The Hair Loss Clinic

Episode 1

Episode 1 sees Becky, Jess and Megan and visit Eva at her Trichology Clinic to get a diagnosis, advice and treatment for their hair and scalp conditions. 

TV’s The Hair Loss Clinic

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