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Are you worried about Hair Loss?
At UK Hair specialists we work with you to try to treat and reduce hair loss, we diagnose the cause of thinning hair in order to treat and restore density wherever possible and treat problem scalps from simple itching and flaking through to scarring and other scalp conditions.
There are more than 50 probable causes of hair loss, it takes time and skill to diagnose the correct cause so that effective advice and treatment can be given, Eva Proudman MIT IAT has specialised in this area and has advised and helped thousands of people over the last 18 years. Some of these Hair loss conditions are shown in the menu to the right of the page where you can find out more about them, however, by far the best way to determine if you have a hair loss condition or to find the best way to treat it is via a consultation. Eva Proudman MIT IAT has various clinics across the UK where she diagnoses and treats hair loss conditions.

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