Professional Hair Health Education

Eva Proudman AIT

Eva Proudman MIT IAT - Hair Loss Education

It is a fact that 1 in every 2 people in the UK is suffering with some kind of hair loss concern, that’s potentially 50% of your clients.

UK Hairdressers need to be able to offer advice, services and solutions to these Clients, without being able to offer this the clients may stop visiting the salon.

Eva Proudman AIT is a much sought-after Consultant Trichologist, who runs very successful private hair health clinics across the UK, as well as providing consultancy services to major industry players for product development, education and legal matters.

Eva is passionate about the UK Hairdressing industry, which she believes to be the best in the world, she has collaborated with some of the best Hairdressing Educators that she has worked with over the past 18 years to deliver a clinical and creative education programme that will literally transform your knowledge, your clients lives and your salon business.

Eva Proudman AIT

This certificated course in the UK will qualify you to:

  • Reassure your Clients that you care about their hair health and are able to help resolve their concerns
  • Identify and engage with your Clients who may be suffering from Hair Loss
  • Give informed Advice about Hair Health conditions and available solutions
  • Select Safe Proven Products and Services to address a client’s individual Hair Loss Needs
  • Understand when to refer for clinical diagnosis in order to assist your Client

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