Hair Health Clinics

Eva Proudman AITEva Proudman MIT IAT is a much sought after Consultant Trichologist with in excess of 18 years’ experience in her field. She is regarded by the hairdressing industry’s elite and high profile global brands as the go to expert for all matters relating to the hair and scalp.

Eva’s passion, discretion and attention to detail is what sets her aside, whether consulting in Harley Street, or developing new products, she always delivers the ultimate service experience.

It is a fact that 1 in every 2 people in the UK is suffering with some kind of hair loss concern, that’s potentially 50% of your clients.

An Eva Proudman Hair Health Clinic is a specialised additional salon service that will ensure that you can safely offer your professional products and services to any of your clients that have a hair health problem.Eva Proudman AIT

Currently clients are too afraid to raise the subject with their hairdresser, hairdressers often aren’t sure about what to say to the client, the problem persists and often becomes worse resulting in an anxious unhappy client and a hairdresser who is working with problem hair, trying to make it look fantastic.

Where Eva is different to all other Trichologists is that not only does she accurately diagnose, she relates to the needs of each client, and their desire to look and feel fantastic, her passion is for them to receive outstanding salon services and solutions that make their hair look and feel the very best it can, whether its treating their own hair or using a partial or complete hair system to give them their confidence back.

Hair Health clinics build a partnership between clinical diagnosis and cosmetic beautiful hairdressing which has only one result:

A happy and delighted client, a successful salon business that will benefit from client retention and ongoing specialist services.

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