The Hair Loss Clinic – Episode 1

TV’s The Hair Loss Clinic

Episode 1

Episode 1 sees Becky, Jess and Megan visit Eva at her Trichology Clinic to get a diagnosis, advice and treatment for their hair and scalp conditions. 


Becky had previously been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, she lives in Devon and did not have access to any support groups, had not been told about the possible supportive treatments to try and felt very isolated and despondent as the patches were spreading giving a much greater loss to the hair. 

I used the Trichoscope to really look at the scalp and follicles, as Becky was shaving her head to cope, it wasn’t clear exactly what was happening.  I found evidence of new growth and some evidence of activity still progressing.  I explained all of the different supportive treatment options to Becky and also requested blood tests. 

I started Becky on topical Minoxidil at 5% twice daily, Juniper Therapy shampoo and once I had seen the blood tests and looked at dietary intake also advised on supplementation to increase the Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and serum ferritin levels that were all low for hair health.  I used the Tricoextra hair supplements to assist in lifting the vitamin and mineral levels to the range required.  It is so important when treating any hair or scalp condition that you identify all of the causes and treat them all to get the best outcome for each patient.

With Becky we went from 70% hair loss to 70% regrowth in just 6 months.  It is important to stress that Alopecia Areata is a spontaneous condition and does not always respond to any treatments, can fully recover and recur or can recover and never recur, it is spontaneous and vital research continues to understand the auto immune responses to develop treatments for this very distressing condition.

Becky showed a really great response to treatment in around a 6-month timescale and is continuing to use the treatments to support the recovery of the Alopecia Areata.  If Becky had been able to see me sooner I am confident that we could have discussed all of the options and started supportive treatment immediately and although the results may not have significantly differed the effect to Becky’s mental health could have been considerably reduced.


I diagnosed Jess with androgenetic alopecia, female pattern and chronic telogen effluvium.

Female pattern causes the hair to progressively thin and minaturise leading to an eventual loss of hair, we treated this with the Theradome Pro80 Laser Helmet, used 3 times per week for 20 minutes per session with at least 24 hours between treatment sessions.

Chronic telogen effluvium is a disruption to the hairs normal growing and shedding cycle, you see a lot more hair coming out when you wash it or brush it.  Jess didn’t eat very much protein and upon investigation with blood tests I found stored vitamin and Mineral deficiencies which cause this condition.  I treated with dietary changes and a complete hair supplement, Tricoextra taken at 2 capsules daily with food.  The supplementation gently raises the deficiencies into normal range for healthy hair, the shedding normalises, and the overall hair density increases in the mid lengths to ends.

Jess showed good results at 5 months after starting the treatment.


Megan suffered with multiple complicated health conditions as well as severe Psoriasis to the scalp and a chronic telogen effluvium.  Although Megan was seeing various consultants for her health conditions, no one had really addressed the distress and pain being felt from the Psoriasis of the scalp.

As Trichologists we don’t use steroids on the scalp to thin off the excess skin, we use a special ointment that will soften and gently lift the skin, leaving the scalp much clearer. To maintain the improvement, we use a treatment shampoo, in this case I used Juniper Therapy shampoo and conditioner.

Megan didn’t have a very good diet; her stored vitamin and mineral levels were very depleted causing the hair to shed excessively leading to a general thinning.  I treated this with dietary advice and my hair supplement, Tricoextra to address the low vitamin and mineral levels to correct these returning the hair to a normal growing and shedding cycle.

Megan showed good results immediately after the in clinic treatment and has continued to do so.