Alopecia Totalis


Alopecia Totalis is a loss of all of the hair on the scalp, hair in other areas of the body remains.


Alopecia Totalis is an Autoimmune condition where the autoimmune system attacks the hair follicles on the scalp, resulting in total hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows may or may not be affected but hair in other areas of the body remains.


The first step in any hair loss condition is an accurate diagnosis, from here a plan can be formed in order to achieve an outcome that you are comfortable with. There is no known treatment for Alopecia Totalis but there are many different supportive options available including custom made wigs, ready to wear hair systems, fringes and innovative fashionable headwear. Counselling may also be a consideration to help to deal with this condition. 

At UK Hair Specialists we understand that hair and scalp disorders can be difficult to come to terms with. The hair on your head is a defining part of your identity and any form of hair loss can feel as if your are losing your identity resulting in loss of self-confidence and can in many cases lead to depression.

Having a consultation with a definitive diagnosis is often the first step on the road to understanding and dealing with your hair loss.

All our consultations are in complete confidence and we can discuss the many options available to you.

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