Rugby Clinic – Directions

The Rugby Clinic

Grandborough, Rugby

Our Rugby Clinic is based out of Eva’s home in Grandborough near Rugby.

You can use your Sat Nav with postcode CV23 8DS to find us.

Hargrave close can be found by turning left just before The Shoulder Of Mutton car park entrance, (or if approaching from the opposite direction turn right after the pub car park) it is a small close of just 3 houses.

Please note the houses number backwards number 1 is the house on the right not the left as you would expect!

Please park in the driveway, against the fence in front of the garage door if possible, or next to or behind a car if one is already parked, then walk up the pathway the clinic is on the ground floor with direct access via the French doors to the waiting room.

Please take a seat and wait for Eva to come out to you, there is a toilet available if required.

COVID 19 – Changes when Attending Clinical Consultations

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that there are necessary safety procedures in place to protect you and the team.

Government announcements have now made the Covid restrictions no longer law, however in all our clinics we are still operating using the guidance below, if you do not wish to follow these protocols, we kindly ask you to postpone your appointment. These protocols are in place to protect our staff and families as well as our clients and their families too.

Please have available a face covering when attending for your appointment and be prepared to wear if asked.  

Entry to the clinic without a face covering or face shield may be refused.

If you are testing positive fro Covid 19 please do not attend the clinic.

– Hand sanitiser is provided so please sanitise your hands when entering the clinic.

– The clinic will be sanitised between each appointment.

– You must pay for the consultation online before attending, you will have been sent a payment link.

– If you require products at the appointment contactless payment (up to £45 is available), or card payment for higher amounts (we accept Applepay, Androidpay etc)

– Please do not bring coats or large bags if possible.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your upcoming Trichology appointment at The Clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact ushave avilable