Changes – Directions

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Changes Clinic is located at:

Changes Clinic
1000 Lakeside North Harbour
Western Road
Portsmouth PO6 3EN

There is free parking to the left of the building before the barrier.

The clinic is on the second floor (lifts are available. If you enter the building and goto the main reception and ask for Changes Clinic, they will issue a security pass and direct you to the security controlled gate to the right of the main entrance. Enter through here and follow the signs for  Changes Clinic to the lifts. Use the lift to get to the 2nd Floor, keep following the signs to the Clinic Reception where they will show you to the waiting room, Eva will come and get you at your appointment time.

COVID 19 – Changes when Attending Clinical Consultations

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that there are necessary safety procedures in place to protect you and the team.

Update 12th July 2021, Government announcements have now made the Covid restrictions no longer law, however in all our clinics we are still operating using the guidance below, if you do not wish to follow these protocols, we kindly ask you to postpone your appointment. These protocols are in place to protect our staff and families as well as our clients and their families too.

Please wear a face covering when attending for your appointment.  If you have any symptoms or have tested positive, please do not attend, contact us to rebook. Entry to the clinic without a face covering will not be allowed.

The Clinic is a COVID-secure workplace and a COVID-protected medical facility.  As a COVID protected Facility we must routinely ask patients about COVID-19 history, their own health and their contacts, follow Social distancing guidelines, use suitable PPE, carry out daily temperature monitoring on staff and patients, appropriate cleansing, disinfecting and sterilisation, proper hand washing and waste disposal, please understand that these procedures have been put into place to protect everyone.

Anyone identified as high risk will be asked not to enter the clinic and to seek medical assessment in line with Public Health England guidelines.

  • - Hand sanitiser is provided so please sanitise your hands when entering the clinic.
  • - The clinic will be sanitised between each appointment.
  • - You must pay for the consultation online before attending, you will be sent a payment link.
  • - If you require products at the appointment contactless payment (up to £45 is available), or card payment for higher amounts (we accept Applepay, Androidpay etc)
  • - Please do not bring coats or large bags if possible.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your upcoming Trichology appointment at The Clinic, please contact us.

Eva's Other Clinic Locations

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