Eva Proudman MIT IAT offers her private Trichological services in various locations around the UK, she is approached by many Institutions asking her to provide clinics, these are carefully vetted to ensure that they are committed to offer the best Hair loss service and then those selected will appear here. At all these clinics your initial consultation will be with Eva personally and she will oversee any ongoing treatments that may be carried out in these clinics by clinicians that she has personally trained.

Eva holds Private Clinics in the following locations :


London – 10 Harley Street

Portsmouth – The Maitland Clinic, Changes Clinic, Hair OTT

Huddersfield – Scott & Jennings

Birmingham – Skin & Follicle

Alderley Edge - ØNE aesthetic studiø

Bishops Stortford - The Hair Loss Clinic

Manchester - Coming Soon

Eva is opening further clinics across the UK, please use the Contact Us form to request more information and to find out where your nearest clinic is.

All consultations and advice is strictly ethical as governed by the Institute of Trichologists ethical code, we never promise miracle cures and we never oversell or hard sell to any of our patients.  Hair and scalp issues are very individual as are the possible treatments and solutions, our first priority is to ensure that you are happy and that the stress caused by hair and scalp issues is lifted.

Genetic hair loss is not covered on the NHS, however most other diseases or conditions that contribute to, or cause hair loss are, upon diagnosis Eva will (if required) write to your GP advising them of her findings and her recommendations.