The Institute of Trichologists

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Eva qualified as a Trichologist with the prestigious Institute of Trichologists, having graduated with credit and being awarded the John Firmage award for her consistent dedication to her studies.

In 2018 Eva was appointed as a Director to the Institute of Trichologists with the responsibility of continued professional development and education in order to ensure that all members of the Institute of Trichologists have access to the latest clinical information, diagnostic tools and the latest treatments available.

In November 2020, Eva was appointed Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists. Eva is also leading the Change Management Programme that is restructuring the Institute of Trichologists into 2 new businesses. The Institute of  Trichologists will offer a Standards, Regulation and Members body, and will hopefully attain Professional Standards Accreditation, to move the sector into the Allied Healthcare Professional category. This will enable more programmes of change to improve and enhance the role of the Trichologist and will ultimately benefit all of the people who seek the specialised services offered.

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