Happy New Year! It’s a time of new beginnings and a desire for us all to improve how we look and feel. So here are some top tips for creating a Hair Care Regime for 2020; to make sure you have fabulous healthy hair. This blog is all about why healthy hair starts from within.

Healthy Hair Starts From Within

All of you know how passionate I am about a good diet to achieve a healthy hair and scalp.  It’s very tempting after the excesses of the festive season to decide to try drastic measures such as very low-calorie diets, or diets that restrict certain food groups to achieve a quick result in shedding a few pounds.  Focus on eating good sources of protein and iron rich foods; and not only will you feel better your hair will look better too. 

Hair Care:

Shampoos and Conditioners that add volume to your hair contain proteins. These can cosmetically make the hair feel thicker and fuller; so don’t just look at protein in your diet look at it in your hair care regime too!

There are some great thickening balms out there that contain Collagen these can really give your hair some OOMPH.

Dial down the heat and do use heat protection when styling your hair; it will help to keep the hair soft, shiny and luscious.

Visit your hairdresser every 6 – 8 weeks to get your hair trimmed. It’s vital to remove dry, damaged split ends to keep your hair looking and feeling great.

Scalp Care:

We often forget about our scalps, but a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.  Winter can often make scalp conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis really flare up. Absolute Collagen can help to calm the underlying inflammation supporting a more balanced scalp.  Investigate Trichological scalp treatments, they really do work to clear and balance your scalp.

If you are heading off for some Winter sunshine don’t forget to protect your scalp, wear a hat, or on visible scalp use a mineral based sunscreen to prevent burning.   Looking after your scalp is as essential as looking after the rest of your skin and is vital in achieving healthy glossy hair.

As always, if you have any general concerns then please e-mail me at eva.proudman@ukhairconsultants.com and I will be very happy to help and support you as much as possible. Or get in touch here!