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Eva Proudman UK Hair Consultants

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If you are new here, little about us.

We offer ConsultaionsHair issues are often complex and we cannot diagnose without a face to face consultation. All consultations are private and last for between 40 minutes and 1 hour. During this time, all relevant areas will be discussed, along with an in-depth examination, including the use of a specialist scalp camera to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan.

We offer Treatments – Once we have completed the consultation and made a diagnosis we are able to offer a variety of treatment options to you. We pride ourselves that we always strive to work with the leaders in the field of scalp and hair and can refer you to the most appropriate professional solution for your individual needs.

We offer Solutions – There are many hair loss solutions available on the market today, we pride ourselves on offering the market leading solutions that are kind to your hair and scalp. It is important that a consultation is performed to diagnose your condition before embarking on any hair loss solution, using an incorrect treatment can cause the hair loss to accelerate and other health issues.

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