“You asked and we listened”; Eva announces the launch of two new clinics in the North of England following regular requests from patients wanting consultations ‘closer to home’.

“The Hair Loss Clinic is on the road!” That’s the exciting news from our leading Consultant Trichologist Eva Proudman this week as she announces the launch of two new clinics based in the North of England as part of the ongoing expansion of her current network of consulting rooms.

As such, the team at UK Hair Consultants is thrilled to confirm that Eva will now be able to see clients at two new venues, based in Middlesbrough and Leeds, widening availability and access (as well as helping to reduce travel time) for many potential patients who have expressed a real interest in booking an appointment to seek help with hair loss and scalp health issues.

Eva Proudman FIT IAT has been working for over 20 years as an expert in hair and scalp health, becoming one of the UK’s most recognised and respected Consultant Trichologists. Primarily consulting from her flagship clinic in rural Warwickshire, Eva regularly practises across a network of 6 clinics throughout the UK (from the South Coast, Stoke and London’s Harley Street) reflecting her commitment to making trichology accessible to all.

Eva is also a highly reputable, ‘go to’ source of expert comment for UK and international media – and as such, also takes part in regular Instagram-live chats with high profile brands and personalities such Michael Douglas (www.mdlondon.com ) and Absolute Collagen. She also stars in the highly successful 6-part series, “The Hair Loss Clinic” (which can be streamed on Discovery+, Apple TV and Amazon TV).

Increasingly, after these events and appearances, Eva receives a flood of messages and requests from both women and men keen to see her for a personal consultation – and increasingly they’re saying, “when are you coming up North?”

So, when Eva is asked something…Eva acts!

She explains; “I’ve spent the past two decades building up a thriving business – with my patients at its heart – that takes me to a range of clinics across the UK. I always try to be as available as possible and I’m also committed to sharing lots of advice and tips on my social media platforms, giving many people the confidence to try ‘at home’ self-care through diet and lifestyle changes as well as signposting them to recommended products and supplements that I know will help.

“But in many, many cases, a one-to-one appointment is also necessary – hair loss conditions can be complex, requiring thorough investigation and assessments, tests and that personal touch that I am so committed to providing. It’s so important to me to get to know the patient and gain a better understanding of any other underlying factors. 

“As my professional profile increased, so did the number of inquiries I was receiving from people with concerns about their hair and scalp health – and I was becoming more and more aware that many of them were unable to travel to my clinics in the Midlands and South England, which was rallying against my ethos of making trichology available to all who might need it.

Eva adds; “I’m therefore delighted to be able officially announce that I’ve now teamed up with two regional medical practices and will be launching my first clinics on the following dates:

“Thereafter, I’ll be holding in-person clinics 1-2 days every quarter in these locations – although I’ll always be on hand to see clients remotely in-between our in-person appointments, to assess treatment progression.”

Eva concludes; “So, if you or a family member or friend has any concerns about hair loss (male of female pattern), alopecia, thinning or shedding (perhaps associated with menopause or pregnancy) or any number of scalp conditions causing irritation or flakiness (from dandruff to dermatitis and psoriasis) please don’t hesitate to contact me and my team to discuss your condition and we’ll look to get you booked in asap.

“I can’t wait to get started, helping a new cohort of clients and to meet all my new “friends in the North”!”

To book a consultation at this or any of Eva’s clinics call us on 01788 819325 (9-5 Monday to Friday) or email us at admin@ukhairconsultants.com

Love, Eva x

Eva has successfully treated numerous men and women suffering from hair loss and is the resident trichologist on “The Hair Loss Clinic”, which can currently be streamed on Discovery Plus.

“I encourage anyone who is concerned about hair loss and alopecia to check out the information here, where I talk through specific variances of alopecia, causes, and potential treatment options.

As always, if you have any general concerns then please do pop me a question here: www.ukhairconsultants.com/ask-about-symptoms-eva-proudman. I’m always here for you and committed to helping people of all ages with hair and scalp health concerns.”

Or get in touch here!