Mandy’s Story – Lichenoid Keratosis

Mandy BeforeMandy is very new to hair loss. Her journey with alopecia began only 12 months ago and has been a very traumatic one. Mandy has never worn a wig before because of the fear that it may fall off and that it will look very obvious that she is wearing it.

Mandy first noticed a small sore patch on her head. She visited her GP who told her it was Alopecia Areata, it was getting bigger so she returned and was prescribed steroid ointment and referred her to a dermatologist, the dermatologist was unsure of the condition and after a couple of months Mandy was finally recommended to have a biopsy.

The results of the biopsy showed that Mandy was suffering with Lichenoid keratosis, this is an inflammatory scarring condition which has left a scar on the left side of Mandy's head. The bald patch spread considerably and now new patches have appeared. Mandy felt out of control as her hair was falling out in handfuls, the stress that Mandy felt was unbearable and eventually she made the decision to shave off all her hair for charity. Mandy explains that after doing this she did feel more in control of the Mandy Aftersituation.

When Alopecia Areata is first apparent there are numerous supportive treatments that may help. As a Trichologist it is part of an hour long consultation and follow up report with fact sheets that sets my service apart from that of a typical GP or Dermatologist appointment.

Trichologists always take a holistic view of any condition covering, lifestyle, family history, diet, and medical history to arrive at both diagnosis and prognosis, with informed referral to medical professionals as necessary.

After having her wig fitted and styled by Eva's team of specialists, Mandy emotionally talks about how amazing she feels. Suddenly Mandy is feeling like herself again, she feels feminine and normal! The wig looks natural and is comfortable to wear and Mandy talks about her transformation being the best day of her life.

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Step By Step Styling Details

Mandy :

Mandy was given a Raphael Perrier wig, it has a mix of 60% heat proof fibre and 40% human hair, on a hand tied base.

We customised the wig with various cutting techniques and added just 2 Rapture blonde hair extensions to each side to give a very subtle highlight effect.

We finished the style with straightening irons and a texturising spray to naturally hold the hair in place and add body.

Mandy was shown how to put the wig on and how to take it off. We also gave Mandy plenty of tips about how to look after the wig and how to style it for herself.

  • Using specialist shampoo, formulated to work in cool / tepid water, fill a small bowl or sink.
  • Immerse the wig, and with a gentle swishing motion move it backwards and forwards, this will remove any dirt, grease etc. Do not rub or scrub!
  • Empty bowl of sink, fill with clean water, and repeat to rinse out the shampoo.
  • Fill bowl of sink and add conditioner, repeat.
  • Empty bowl of sink fill with clean water and repeat.
  • Take out and blot dry in a towel, do not rub or wring.
  • Place on a wig stand to drip dry.

Specialist synthetic wig care products were provided to keep both the fibre and base in fantastic condition which should ensure that the wig lasts for 6 - 12 months .


As a hair loss specialist and or stylist, it is so important to support clients like Mandy by referring them to a trichologist like Eva who will be able to diagnose their condition and get the best hairloss outcome possible for them. It is also vital that alopecia suffers understand that there are other people in their situation and that there is a lot of support out there. Stylists can recommend the different types of support such as charities like Alopecia UK.

Had Mandy been referred to a trichologist initially, the journey would have been very different. A trichologist would have made a diagnosis and liaised with the GP for a prompt dermatology appointment which is vital to treating, controlling, slowing or stopping the spread of hair loss and scarring. Mandy would have had a better understanding of the condition that she was suffering from, she would have left her existing hair alone and could have visited the salon for an integration - the long term outcome could have been so different.
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