Amy’s Story – Alopecia Totalis

Amy BeforeAmy suffered with Alopecia Areata from a very young age, which coalesced (patches join together), to become Alopecia Totalis (loss of all scalp hair), and further progression to Alopecia Universalis, (loss of all body hair).

Unfortunately, the younger you are when you develop Alopecia Areata, the greater the chance of progression to Totalis or Universalis.

Taking control of hair loss is very important in every hair loss condition, as it can lessen the stress. With Alopecia Areata is really important, as raised stress levels can exacerbate the spread and recurrence.Amy after

When Alopecia Areata is first apparent, there are numerous supportive treatments that may help. As a Trichologist, it is part of an hour long consultation and follow up report with fact sheets that sets my service apart from that of a typical GP or Dermatologist appointment.

Trichologists always take an holistic view of any condition covering, lifestyle, family history, diet, and medical history to arrive at both diagnosis and prognosis, with informed referral to medical professionals as necessary.

In the video, Amy says how important it is to take control of your Alopecia, and to not allow the Alopecia to take control of you. As a Trichologist, I was able to give Amy specialist knowledge about all types of Alopecia, that were helpful to her and will be helpful to others in her support group.

If you have Hair Loss concerns, contact me to arrange a private consultation and take the first step in controlling your Hair Loss.

Step By Step Styling Details

Amy :

Ready to wear human hair wig, hand tied base, with an ombre finish.

Amy has Alopecia Universalis (no hair on the head or body), and was concerned about trying a wig that she felt may not look or feel as good as her current wig.

We fitted the wig and then customised it to suit Amy's style.

The wig was cut shorter, and thinned out using a variety of cutting techniques.

We straightened the wig and finished with a light pomade to give some texture.

Amy was shown how to put the wig on and how to take it off. We also gave Amy plenty of tips about how to look after the wig and how to style it for herself.

Specialist human wig care products were provided to keep both the hair and base in fantastic condition which should ensure that the wig lasts for 18 months+ .


In the video, Amy says that it "would mean the world" to have access to salons for wig selection, cutting and maintenance. For synthetic wigs, this could mean 2 - 4 visits each year, for human hair wigs, 2 - 3 visits per year.  As a Trichologist I am unique in providing total solution options for every client through a carefully selected network of specialists. I know that I could take your business to the next level, working with you to develop hair loss services and solutions.
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