Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

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Eva Proudman MIT IAT hosted this special Christmas Wishes event at Headmasters Photographic Studio in London on 6th December 2016.

Eva invited 4 ladies who were chosen by the Alopecia UK charity to come for a day of pampering, education and transformation.

Each of the ladies is suffering with hair loss and they have been recognised by this wonderful support group as really deserving a special treat.

Christmas Wishes

Not only did they have detailed consultations with Eva Proudman AIT and our specialist eye-brow artist they discussed short and long term solutions, and also received a selection of tailor made hair pieces to take home, as well as a goody bag of products from brands including Wella, and Next. There was a photo shoot at the end of the day with top industry photographer Richard Miles and each guest took their images home. The idea is to boost confidence and provide education.

For the alopecia community, it's really important to understand that you are not alone, that there are other people out there who are suffering and that there are options. We want to raise awareness of the support charity and of course provide education and options to anyone who needs it.

Christmas Wishes

For Eva, there are different elements. We want to educate Alopecia sufferers, we want raise awareness of the support group and we also want to raise awareness of the need for education within the hairdressing community. Hairdressers are the very first port of call for many who are concerned about hair loss. It is for this reason that a hairdresser should be equipped with the information and tools to support their client. Hair loss accounts for 20% of GPs visits and 1 in 2 people will suffer with some form of hair loss in their lives. There is help out there but we need hairdressers to point clients in the right direction. There are far too many people mis-diagnosed because of a lack of education.

To find out more about seeing Eva as a Trichologist click here

To register interest into introducing hair loss services in your salon click here.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors of this event, please show your support by visiting their websites:

Richard Miles Photography
Next Plc

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