Holly’s Story – Chronic Telogen Effluvium

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Holly is 25 and represents so many women who have fine thinning hair, have tried to find out why with no success and are in despair!  Holly has a chronic telogen effluvium, which is very treatable, and in time, with the correct treatment plan, her hair will recover.  In the meantime to help Holly manage through the recovery phase Shelley applied some hair extensions to add back the length and density lost to the telogen effluvium.

When a hair loss condition is first apparent it can be very stressful and worrying, in the first instance it is vital to get a proper diagnosis with a fully qualified Trichologist registered with the institute Of Trichologists (IOT), from here you can then start with a recovery plan. Telogen Effluvium is a very common occurrence and easily treatable, although the effects can be quite daunting. As a Trichologist it is part of an hour long consultation and follow up report with fact sheets that sets my service apart from that of a typical GP or Dermatologist appointment.

Trichologists always take a holistic view of any condition covering, lifestyle, family history, diet, and medical history to arrive at both diagnosis and prognosis, with informed referral to medical professionals as necessary.

After having her hair extensions applied and styled by Eva's team of specialists, Holly talks about the issues that her thinning hair has caused her.  With the professionally applied Hair Extensions Holly will be able to keep the appearance of fuller hair whilst her own hair recovers. The Hair Extensions look natural and are comfortable to wear and will not cause any further hair loss.

If you have Hair Loss concerns contact me to arrange a private consultation and take the first step in controlling your Hair Loss.

Step By Step Styling Details

Holly :

Coming soon.

Hair extensions were applied as these are quick and easy to apply and reuse.


As a hair loss specialist and or stylist, it is so important to support clients like Holly by referring them to a trichologist like Eva who will be able to diagnose their condition and get the best hairloss outcome possible for them. It is also vital that alopecia suffers understand that there are other people in their situation and that there is a lot of support out there. Stylists can recommend the different types of support such as charities like Alopecia UK.

To find out how to offer hair loss services in salon click here.

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