The Beautiful Truth

Christmas Wishes

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The Beautiful Truth Campaign was a passion of Eva Proudman AIT to promote cosmetic hair loss solutions that can be available through hairdressing salons.

As a Trichologist Eva can diagnose and treat within her own specialism, where a cosmetic solution is required she has tested and developed a number of products and compiled specialist training for hairdressers to ensure that these solutions are professionally and safely used to ensure no further damage to hair or scalp.

The Beautiful Truth takes 4 ladies all with different hair loss conditions and details their own view of their problem, provides a diagnosis, and then a cosmetic solution.

The objective is to raise awareness to hair loss sufferers that you are not alone, and to also raise awareness to hairdressers that their flair and creativity can make all the difference to someone with hair loss.  It further highlights the real need of salons to work closely with Trichologists.

Over the coming days the Beautiful Truth of these ladies will be revealed.

In the meantime if you have Hair Loss concerns you may wish to consider a consultation with Eva Proudman AIT.

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