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After meeting Miss Jonquille Chantrey, the founder of One Aesthetic Studio, who has a very ethical and holistic approach to every service that the clinic offers, Eva was invited to offer a Trichology Clinic and it was the holistic and ethical approach that appealed to her as Trichology is very much holistic in terms of treatments and should always be ethical in its service and delivery.

Eva offers a monthly Trichology Clinic at One Aesthetic Studio that can manage any kind of hair or scalp concern, the first step is always an accurate diagnosis of the condition, followed up with informed choices about options to treat, manage, cosmetically cover or surgical interventions, and the choice is always down to the individual patient and their own circumstances and preferences.

All consultations are private and last for between 45 minutes and 1 hour, during this time all relevant areas of health, diet, lifestyle, family history, hair care regime will be discussed along with an in depth examination, including the use of a specialist scalp camera to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan and referral to GP if necessary. Eva may take small hair samples for microscopic examination, and may also require blood test results to complete her diagnosis.  Everything will be fully discussed during the consultation, answering all of your questions, often fact sheets are available for you to take home with you and we are always available to answer any questions that may arise once the consultation has taken place.

For more information and to enquire about an appointment with Eva Proudman MIT IAT at the ØNE aesthetic studiø in Alderley Edge please click here.

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When I saw Eva she was very approachable and delivered the news of my Female Pattern hair loss in a very sensitive way – I started on the treatment plan and although Eva explained how it worked I really didn’t know what to expect.  After 6 months everyone can see the difference, the hair is fuller, the thinning has stopped, and I am really happy – I have recommend Eva to many of my friends.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

My Mum and my Nan took me to see Eva, at 25 I was wearing a horrible hair system and my hair loss was just getting worse.  Eva was so easy to speak to and understood how my recently diagnosed PCOS was affecting my hair and scalp, I started on a topical treatment and a supplement and at 6 months could not believe the difference, at 9 months the improvement was so good that I now only wear a very small cosmetic hair enhancement for my own confidence, without Eva I would have shaved my head and gone down the stick on piece route I am so glad that I didn’t, a big thank you.

PCOS – Hair Piece

I came to see Eva as a last resort, I had been to my GP many times as my hair was getting thinner and falling out in handfuls, I was told that it was due to my age.  Eva listened and could understand how upset I was, after looking at my diet and requesting blood tests Eva identified that my protein intake was low and that I was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.  I have been working on my diet with guidance from Eva and taking a supplement and after 9 months the difference is amazing, the shedding is virtually gone, my hair is thicker and best of all you can really see the growth.  The first 4 months were hard when progress was slow, but Eva was always there to answer and questions and at my 6 month follow up appointment the images and measurements from my initial appointment were compared with ones from this appointment and there was a visible difference, new blood tests were also compared and an increase in vitamin and mineral levels was clear to see.  I cannot recommend Eva highly enough she really understands the hair and scalp and the impact it has on your image and self-confidence; I would travel miles to see her!

Excess Hair Shedding

I came to see Eva because I had really bad Psoriasis on my scalp, the steroid lotion from my GP wasn’t really having any effect.  Eva examined me and told me that it wasn’t Psoriasis it was a different condition and that with treatment it could be cleared up and managed.  The Treatments really worked and took away the unsightly scale and terrible itching, Eva recomended a treatment shampoo that has really helped as well, and I am delighted to say that I have kept a clear scalp for the past 6 months.

Scalp Psoriasis

It was a great pleasure and delight meeting Eva on Saturday, I found her professional services to be excellent

Happy Lady

I saw Eva because I was convinced I had male pattern hair loss and wanted to buy Finasteride over the internet – I am at university and my Dad wasn’t happy, I saw Eva who told me that it wasn’t male pattern hair loss and that it was a treatable condition.  Following blood tests, I have improved my diet and I am now taking supplements, so far the hair has stopped falling out, thank you for helping me to make the right choices.

Self Diagnosis – Male pattern loss

I saw Eva because I wanted to know about hair systems – her knowledge is amazing and her advice is so genuine an unbiased, Eva told me about things I didn’t know existed, explained how they worked and how they would affect my remaining hair and scalp, her network of specialist cosmetic clinics is impressive and she only refers to those that she has worked with over a number of years and is confident in the outstanding level of their work – thanks for helping with my scalp prosthetic, I couldn’t be happier.

Hair Systems

I saw Eva as I really wanted a hair transplant but was advised that at the current time, I wasn’t a suitable candidate.  Eva went through my medical history, family history, lifestyle and diet, she examined the hair and scalp and explained exactly what was happening and what all of my options were, I know that by following the treatment plan that I will be in the best shape possible to seek a future referral for transplant when the time is right for me.

Hair Transplant

I have been working with Eva for the past 3 years, I initially consulted her because I wanted a transplant, my Dad had one so it followed that I would need one!  I was only 24 and Eva was very good at explaining why it was too early to look at surgery, how the hair loss needed to be stabilised and improved, the scalp kept healthy ready for a referral for transplant once I was 28+. The treatment plan that Eva put me on has stopped any further hair loss and has improved the hair that I have, it is thicker and much healthier.  Eva stands behind her treatments with 6 monthly follow up appointments and microscope imagery to demonstrate the increase in hair density, without Eva I would have probably made the biggest mistake and gone abroad as I didn’t want my hair loss to get worse, I would recommend anyone considering surgery to see Eva first she really knows her stuff and will ensure that all of your questions are answered and that everything is in the best place if a transplant is the recomended solution.

Male Hairloss

As a Hairdresser I was really concerned that my hair was so damaged it was breaking off all over and that I would eventually lose it all, probably down to my over straightening, it took some courage to go and seek help, but I am so glad that I did. Eva was really knowledgeable and identified 3 problems, 1 was heat damage, but it wasn’t that causing the hair to break, I had a shedding issue and a scalp problem as well. I have seen Eva over the past 9 months and can’t recommend her services enough, not only is my hair and scalp so much better, I have learnt so much that I wasn’t aware of and can now offer advice to my clients, I don’t hesitate to recommend Eva to anyone who needs advice or help

Hair Damage

After being referred to a Dermatologist and being told that I was suffering from female pattern baldness and would lose my hair by my mid 30’s I was distraught! I found Eva from a friend and immediately booked a consultation. Eva took a full history and examined my hair and immediately told me it was not female pattern baldness. I was delighted and so relieved. Eva advised me on shampooing and conditioning and my hair is starting to regrow. She also wrote to my GP asking for blood tests to check for deficiencies and sure enough there was issues which my GP is now addressing. I leapt for joy as I left the consultation and feel I have my life back after seeing Eva and knowing I will not be bald by my mid thirties!

Bald at 30?

Although my hair loss cannot be stopped, Eva recommended a hair piece that I have had fitted that looks absolutely fabulous, the stylist matched my hair colour and it blends in so naturally, it has given me back my confidence and only I know I am wearing it! Thank you Eva!

My Hair Loss is permanent

My 7 year old son has been suffering from patchy hair loss for over 12 months, I decided to seek specialist advice and found the appointment with Eva very informative and supportive. I now know what is happening with my Sons hair and have a plan of action in place with follow up appointments to check progress.

My 7 year old Son

I was sceptical about seeing another person about my Hair loss and was at a loose end. My GP told me my hair loss was due to my old age and that the blood tests performed all showed everything was fine and I would just lose my hair over time. After seeing Eva she advised that the blood test results were fine for existing but too low for my hair health. She advised on specific hair related supplements along with specialist shampoos and conditioners and after 6 months my hair feels and looks much better. I feel so much better in myself, I am so glad I plucked up the courage to try one last time and went to see Eva.

Sceptical of another consultation

Although I am 76 I was very concerned that I was losing my hair, after discussing with my GP I decided to see a Trichologist and was recommended to visit Eva. After a thorough consultation and examination Eva was able to fully explain what was happening with my hair and reassured me that I was not going to lose it. Eva wrote to my GP requesting blood tests which have been done and I am now taking supplements to address the deficiencies identified by these blood tests, my GP was really delighted and best of all my hair has stopped shedding, don’t keep waiting and worrying, get your hair and scalp checked, it really is worth it.

Concerned at 76

I have seen many people with regards to my hair loss, including Dermatologists, Trichologists and my GP, it wasn’t until I saw Eva that I found somebody who explained to me what the issues were in a way that I understood, what was causing them and how we could manage them to reduce the hair loss and give me back my confidence, I would thoroughly recommend anyone with the slightest Hair issue to consult Eva she has made such a difference to me.

Making a Difference

I met Eva by chance when she came into my shop, I have suffered with an itchy scaly scalp for the best part of 30 years and have found washing and drying my hair just a nightmare I have tried many different remedies but have had no success. Eva was very professional and took a full history and performed an in depth examination and explained that I was suffering from Seborrhoeic eczema of the scalp. Scalp treatments from Eva and prescribed shampoos for home use, mean that I can now wash and dry my hair without any of my previous problems, no one had ever explained to me what was happening on my scalp and all previous attempts with prescription creams had been to no avail. I would readily recommend Eva if you are at all concerned about your hair or scalp.

Shop Owner

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